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What is Cantor Spreadfair?

Cantor Spreadfair is the world's first spread betting exchange, allowing clients to bet directly against each other. Clients choose the prices and the stakes that they wish to bet at. Bets are matched between people with opposing views.

Why bet with Cantor Spreadfair?

Before the arrival of Cantor Spreadfair clients wanting a spread bet would have to bet at prices determined by a spread bookmaker. Corners might be quoted at 11-12. Clients wishing to sell have to sell at 11, and client wishing to buy would have to buy at 12. If one client sold for £100 a corner at 11 and another bought £100 per corner at 12 then the spread bookmaker has made £100.

Better off with Cantor Spreadfair

With Cantor Spreadfair clients choose the prices at which they are happy to bet. A client can now request to buy corners at 11.5. The client with the opposing view can now sell corners at 11.5 rather than at 11 with the bookmaker. If both clients have bet for £100 they are both instantly £50 better off. Whilst the winning client will have to pay commission on the amount he wins, the loser is guaranteed to be £50 better off by betting with Cantor Spreadfair.


Clients pay commission based upon their net winnings in any market. Commission is not paid on markets where clients have realised a net loss. Commission will initially be set at a rate of 5% however, this level can be reduced based on your trading activity. The commission rate will be determined by the number of commission points a client has earned; the more commission points earned, the lower the commission rate. A client will earn one commission point for every £25 of aggregate realised profit and realised loss. As an example, if a client wins £500 on Man Utd - Arsenal shirts bet the client will earn 20 commission points. Should a client also lose £100 on another shirts bet the client will still earn an additional 4 points as the commission points are calculated on the aggregate profit and loss. If a client loses on another market e.g. £200 on a supremacy bet, the client will earn an additional 8 commission points. Therefore, for the game as a whole the client will have earned 32 commission points.

Commission rates will be calculated as follows:-

Commission Rate : From - To
5.0% : 0 - 1
4.9% : 2 - 143
4.8% : 144 - 360
4.7% : 361 - 617
4.6% : 618 - 850
4.5% : 851 - 1100
4.4% : 1101 - 1376
4.3% : 1377 - 1692
4.2% : 1693 - 2100
4.1% : 2101 - 2530
4.0% : 2531 - 3067
3.9% : 3068 - 3700
3.8% : 3701 - 4434
3.7% : 4435 - 5367
3.6% : 5368 - 6500
3.5% : 6501 - 7800
3.4% : 7801 - 9467
3.3% : 9468 - 11400
3.2% : 11401 - 13900
3.1% : 13901 - 16900
3.0% : 16901 +

Client’s commission rates will be calculated and updated every 14 days and applied to the account on Monday morning. After updating the clients’ commission rates, commission points carried over will be reduced by 20%. The points accrued over the next two week period will be added to the carried over commission points to calculate the next commission rate.

Commission rates on bets are applied at the time the bet is matched and not at the time of settlement.

Will I get paid?

When you bet against another client on, your bet is actually recorded as a bet against Cantor Spreadfair. Like wise for the other client. Since your bet is therefore against Cantor Spreadfair we guarantee to pay you your winnings (subject to market rules and commission). Cantor Spreadfair is regulated by the FSA therefore your money is secure.

Want a better price?

If you don't want to bet at prices you see on the betting screen, you can leave an order at a price of your choice. If Bookings are currently 31.4 -32.2, you can place an order to sell at higher than 31.4 or an order to buy at less than 32.2. If someone disagrees you will get matched.

Full Sports Spread Betting Service Coming Soon

Cantor Spreadfair has introduced a wide range of new markets. After the success of the Euro 2004 Tournament we have added markets on the Premiership 2004/2017 Season, Rugby League, Union as well as Golf and Cricket. Look out for an ever expanding range with the tightest spreads.

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